Call Pest Control: The Early Signs of Bed Bugs

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Home is where the heart is call pest control, and where you expect to be safe. You may not know it, but there might be a small pest living in your home.

Bed bugs might be calling your home their home, too. Since these insects like to feed on the blood of humans, they can pose a threat to your health.

Bed bugs are small, so it can be hard to spot them. There are early signs you should look for to determine if you have a bed bug infestation.

Read this article to learn the signs. If you notice these signs, call pest control right away.

1. Shells, Eggs, and Fecal Marks

Bed bugs aren’t good house guests. As they grow, they leave their shells behind. These pests often leave these shell casings around your bed.

Bed bugs will leave a sign behind if they are breeding. Eggs are a tell-tale sign. Their eggs are pearl white and often come in clusters.

They look like a grain of rice. Bed bugs will lay their eggs anywhere, but they prefer to lay them in crevices. They love the crevices found in fabric and wood.

These bugs can leave their waste all over your home. Look for fecal marks. These are dark spots that are smaller than the size of a penny.

2. Bloodstains on Your Sheets

 call pest control

Bed bugs love to feed on blood. It’s their main food source. If they stuff themselves, you might see the blood as a residue.

If you roll over bed bugs in your sleep, you’ll crush them. This will cause blood stains.

3. A Musty Odor

Do you smell a damp and musty odor in your home? Does it come from the bed or pieces of furniture? This smell is a sign that you have bed bugs in your home.

The odor does vary. Some people say the odor smells like a wet dog. Others say it smells like damp clothes.

Still, others say it smells like raspberries. The odor you smell comes from the pheromones they release. If it’s a strong, foreign smell, chances are you have a large bed bug infestation.

4. Bites and Itchiness

Do you look at your skin and wonder, “Where did these spots come from?” Bed bug bites leave behind small, red spots on the skin.

Their bites can cause you to itch. You might get welts, but this is rare.

If you notice any of the signs, you’ll have to take action right away. Call a pest control company to prevent a pest infestation.

Time to Call Pest Control

No homeowner wants to have pests in their home. Bed bugs are pests that might be living in your home. Do you see any of these signs in your home?

If you do, you have to call pest control. They will prevent a bed bug infestation.

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