What’s Your Type?: How to Choose a Font for Your Brand

how to choose a font

Marketing experts will be how to choose a font the first to tell you how important branding is. Branding builds recognition, trust, and loyalty. Without it, your marketing efforts will fall flat–and so will your sales.

What goes into branding? Everything from color to graphic design to slogans will help to build your brand. Your brand font is a key part of this process.

If you’re putting together your branding materials, you’re probably wondering how to choose a font that will best represent your company.

Read on to learn more about how to choose the best fonts to create cohesive brand typography.

Your Brand Font Must Be Legible

First thing’s first: we need to be able to read your font. That means you should avoid densely packed fonts or fonts on the loopier side of cursive.

To make things easier, let’s go over a quick Sans vs Serif lesson. Most standard fonts can be divided into one of these two categories and understanding the difference can help.

Sans fonts are blocky. They’re great for slogans and sparse usage. They’re also great for children and individuals who struggle with reading.

Serif fonts are ideal for long-form writing. They’re designed to keep the eye moving across the page. If you’re sending out a newsletter or long email, consider a serif font.

You Can Choose More Than One–But Don’t Go Overboard

You’re not limited to a single font when putting together your branding and marketing materials. In fact, a little bit of visual diversity can generate interest. However, you don’t want to go overboard.

Imagine that every word in this sentence was typed in a different font. That would be pretty distracting, right? Limit your font choices to two or three and don’t interchange fonts within the same line of text.

Your Font Should Convey the Right Vibe

You see branded typography all the time. Think about the types of fonts used by, for example, a law firm versus a children’s clothing brand. They’re different, right?

Fonts do convey tone and you want to make sure that tone lines up with your company. In an instant, your font will convey to consumers your overall vibe, level of professionalism, and more. Make sure it’s sending the right message.

Work With Companies Who Create Creative Fonts For Brands

how to choose a font

You aren’t limited to the free fonts on your computer when you’re putting together branding materials. In fact, you have a great opportunity to come up with something new and unique. Head to dpdk.com/branding-agency/san-francisco to learn more about custom, professional branding.

How to Choose a Font For Your Brand: A Lesson You Don’t Want to Miss

You’ve read all about how to market your business on social media and why your logo matters. Don’t skip the lesson on how to choose a font for your brand! Picking the right font will help bring your branding ideas to life and create a cohesive image.

Are you ready for more lessons in digital marketing? Head to our digital marketing section to find out how you can maximize all of your branding and marketing efforts.

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