Beginners Guide to Hiring a Video Production Agency

Video Production Agency

Did you know that 69% of people prefer to learn about a new product or service from a Video Production Agency instead of a text post? On a similar note, adding video content to your website and social platforms can be a fantastic way to boost engagement and get more eyes on your content.

Of course, more video content means hiring a video production agency. So how can you find the right fit for your company?

Keep reading to find out!

Know Your Audience

Sure, video marketing is the most effective avenue these days, but to be successful you’ll need to understand your audience. After all, you’re making that great video content for them.

Before reaching out to a video marketing agency, you’ll need the following information:

  • Who is it you want to reach?
  • What sites do they visit often?
  • What video content do they respond to?
  • What inspires engagement (‘liking’, ‘sharing’, etc.) among this demographic?

This knowledge of your audience will allow you and your production partners to create more effective content, giving you more value for your money.

Have a Goal in Mind

Knowing your audience is only the first step, however. You’ll need to know what you’d like to achieve by creating video content.

As is the case with your audience analysis, the more information you can provide, the better.

Think about the types of engagement you’d like to see and how your digital marketing video content will feed into your sales funnel.

You should also know what types of videos you’re looking to produce. A production agency can help with a myriad of content types, from testimonials to TV spots to explainer videos, so know which of these services you’re interested in.

Ask for Sample Videos

Video Production Agency

By now you’re ready to start meeting with video production agencies to discuss your vision! Weeding out production agencies can be a challenge, though.

To make matters easier, include a request for sample videos in each initial email.

Pay close attention to the details in these videos. As you make your way through the samples, ask the following:

  • Does the styling gel with your branding?
  • Do the videos look professional?
  • Does each video look unique to the company or are they following a template?

While you can expect some elements to look similar between videos, it’s important that your video stands out and looks unique.

Be Prepared to Collaborate

Though the production agency will handle the majority of the work, you’re their client. They’ll need feedback periodically to ensure you’re satisfied with the work they’re producing.

Designate a member of your team to act as a liaison between production and your business. They should be able to respond to emails, check out edits, and provide feedback.

Your Guide to Hiring a Great Video Production Agency

Though hiring the right video production agency takes time, keeping the above information in mind can help you make the process smoother. Now get ready for your close-up, because your business is about to be in the limelight!

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