How to Create the Best Business Sign: A Simple Guide

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Choosing a business sign for your business is an important decision. Even more than you might think. A sign is the first thing a customer or client will see as they approach your storefront.

Its very purpose is to attract attention and to convince people to care about your business. In fact, your sign could be the deciding factor in whether a person decides to come into your store or not. But creating the perfect business sign isn’t always easy.

Sometimes, there are too many differing opinions on what it should look like. It can be difficult to know what the public will respond to. How big is too big?

If you’re working on creating a sign for your business, then this guide is for you. Read on to learn everything you need to know.

The Basics of Good Business Sign Design

Of course, your sign can look any way you like. It’s your business, and at the end of the day, you should be happy with the design. But there are a few basic guidelines and tips to be aware of when it comes to designing signage.

Use bright and contrasting colors to make the words pop—this will make it more eye-catching. Choose a font that is interesting but easily legible, the last thing you want is people squinting at your sign trying to figure out what it says. Including a bold border can help to focus the attention of passersby on your message.

Shapes and Sizes

The shape and size of the sign you choose will depend on a few different factors. Where is the sign going to be located? If it’s over your storefront, it can probably be a lot larger than if it will be in your window.

How much text do you have? As a general rule, you shouldn’t have too much, but the sign should be able to comfortably accommodate all your text without squishing too many words too close together.

What shape do you want to go for? The most common shapes are rectangles or squares, but you can have some fun and switch things up, especially if there’s a graphic you’d like to emphasize. There are many companies that will build business sign exactly to your specifications.

What to Say

One of the most important decisions will be what to put on your sign. The text should be descriptive, to the point, and easy to read. If you want to go super simple, you can have just the business name—and logo if you have one.

You could also add a few words underneath to let potential customers know a little bit about you. Again, less is generally more when it comes to business sign.

Create Your Perfect Sign Today

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Once you follow the above basic guidelines for business sign design, the rest is up to you. Choose a design that makes you happy, and that gels well with the rest of your business. Above all, choose something you think your customers will love.

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