Dropping Here, Dropping There, Dropping Everywhere! 7 Signs You Need to Replace Your Phone Screen

phone screenDid you know that every second, 2 smartphone screens break? While technology’s made leaps and bounds over the last decade or so, it’s surprising how fragile phones are still!

Despite taking good care of your smartphone, sometimes, all it takes is one slip for it to drop and crack your screen. But for some lucky people, cracks can be just superficial and not noticeable enough that it warrants a new phone screen. In that case, you’d save a ton of money.

How can you tell if you’ve been lucky or unlucky? Here are 7 signs that you need a new phone screen or at least a repair.

1. The Touchscreen Is Slow to Respond

When you’re on your phone, does it seem like the touchscreen isn’t very responsive? Does every touch lag, or worse yet, not respond at all?

While this might be a sign of deteriorating software, it can be an issue with the touchscreen as well. Any cracks in it can cause your phone to either misinterpret or miss your taps and swipes. As a result, you get a frustratingly hard smartphone to use.

If your phone is old anyway, then it might be a good time to get a new device.

2. The Touchscreen Is Unresponsive

phone screen

Maybe you dropped the phone in such a way that there are little to no cracks. You picked it up, inspected it, and sighed a breath of relief when the phone screen appeared to be completely intact.

However, you go to use the phone and the screen is unresponsive to anything you try to do. The home and volume buttons still work, which indicates that it’s a touchscreen issue.

In this case, you’ll have no choice but to have your phone screen replaced. This is especially true if your smartphone is still in good working condition.

3. The Cracks Block a Lot of the Screen

Sure, the cracks on your phone screen might be superficial. If you’re lucky, they might be in the corners where they won’t block much.

But if they’re spiderwebbing toward the middle of your screen, and/or they cover a good portion of it, then replacing your screen might be a wise choice. These cracks might be placed in such a way that you can’t see or read anything, which won’t make your phone of any good use. Not to mention, it might also make things unsafe if you rely on your phone for GPS directions while driving.

4. The Cracks Are Jagged

Everything might look fine, but the truth is, a cracked phone screen can be quite jagged. That means that when you go to swipe, there’s a very real possibility that you might slice your finger and even get small glass splinters.

If you aren’t sure whether the cracks are jagged or not, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Bring your smartphone into a repair shop to see what they have to say. If you can afford it, just get the screen replaced so you can have peace of mind whenever you’re using your phone.

5. The Cracks Are Deep

phone screen

If the cracks are deep, you’ve got to replace the phone screen. This can compromise the safety of its inner components, especially if you get liquid on your device.

Many of today’s smartphones are waterproof or at least water-resistant. However, cracks can negate these capabilities since water can get through the cracks and into the components.

6. There Are Vertical Lines All Over

Sometimes, dropping your phone damages more than just the screen. It might damage some internal components.

Either way, this can cause vertical lines all over your screen. It can also cause other strange things to happen, such as screen flickering.

The best thing you can do at this point is to bring your phone to an expert like Bulldogmobilerepair.com. They can then take a look at your broken phone screen and tell you what the next best steps are. The best-case scenario is that they can repair or replace the screen for a modest fee, rather than you having to buy a brand new device.

7. You Want to Save Money

We already briefly mentioned this above, but we felt like it was worth elaborating on.

Sometimes, superficial and/or slight cracks on a phone are worth it to keep around if your smartphone is relatively new. You’ve just dropped several hundred dollars (or even a thousand) on it after, all! A replacement will be far cheaper than buying a whole new phone.

But if it’s on the older side, you can benefit from a screen replacement as well. This service can sometimes extend your phone’s lifespan by a few months or even years, depending on how well you take care of your phone.

By replacing the screen on your old phone, you’ll get more usage out of it. You’ll be able to save up more money and by the time your old smartphone is on its last legs, there will be newer tech that’s just come out, which means you can enjoy some cutting-edge stuff!

Know When You Need to Replace Your Phone Screen

The next time you drop your smartphone, you won’t have to panic as much. You can carefully analyze your phone screen to determine whether or not it warrants a phone screen repair or replacement.

Of course, the best thing to do is to diligently look after your phone so it never slips out of your hand. But considering we’re all human and not perfect beings, it’s probably very likely that you’ll have a cracked phone screen at one time or another. So we hope this post has some great advice for the future so you won’t be as stressed out!

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