Homeownership 101: What Does a Locksmith Do?

what does a locksmith do

While the what does a locksmith do locksmith industry took a bad turn during COVID, we’re expecting a roughly 3% year over year rise in revenue to come to the profession in the years ahead once things recover.

That growth may be surprising to you as a new homeowner. After all, what does a locksmith do? What is it that they’re selling that would allow them to experience year over year growth, let alone any stable income?

As it turns out, locksmiths do a whole lot, and many of their responsibilities could help you out of a pinch. Are you curious to know what value locksmiths can bring to your life?

If you are, we suggest that you keep reading to take in a small handful of the services your run-of-the-mill locksmith offers.

1. Key Duplication

When you need to hand out a spare key to a family member, how do you go about making a copy? For some, this problem can be solved by walking into a local big-box store and using a key-making machine sitting in the lobby.

How does one solve their problem if they don’t have an automated solution, though? For most, the solution is going to a locksmith.

Locksmiths can take molds of keys and use those molds to create perfect copies on blank keys so you can have multiple people accessing your home or car or can have a spare lying around in case of an emergency.

2. Getting Into a Locked House

What happens if you’ve lost your keys and don’t have a spare? Even worse, imagine if that happened to you and you’re now locked outside of your home.

Who would you call? You guessed it – a locksmith!

Locksmiths have tools that enable them to gain access to locked homes with most standard lock types. While it may take a while, with a locksmith on-site, you can be sure that within 30 minutes or so, they’ll help you regain entry. From there, you can find the keys you may be left inside and can perhaps consider hiding a spare somewhere outside to avoid future lockouts.

3. Re-Keying a Door

Lost keys can bring anxiety to homeowners. That’s because some people can’t help but wonder if someone will find those lost keys and use them to gain access to their homes for purposes of theft or worse.

That’s where our what does a locksmith do question brings us to the popular responsibility of “re-keying.”

Re-keying a door can describe the process of changing a door lock’s internals to accept a new key or switching out a door lock altogether. With a new or refreshed lock in place, you can rest easy knowing that your lost keys won’t enable anybody’s access to your property.

4. Accessing a Locked Car

what does a locksmith do

As a homeowner, worrying about losing access to your house isn’t the only thing that’s on your mind. Chances are, you’re also worried about getting locked out of your car.

After all, if you can’t get into your car to drive to work in the morning, you’re going to find it hard to make the money you need to pay for your shiny new property.

The good news is that the same way that locksmiths are masters at accessing houses, they’re also masters at accessing cars. While the process can be more cumbersome depending on your car type, most cars can be broken into within a half-hour.

5. Window Lock Work

Is your home’s window locks not working properly? Does your home not have window locks at all?

If you’d like to remedy either of those shortcomings, call the locksmith!

Locksmiths tend to not do window lock installs and repairs as often as they do standard door work. Still, the ones we’ve engaged have been more than adept at this important function.

6. Electronic Access Upgrades

While electronic access has long been popular for offices, residential homeowners are starting to take using it more seriously. Electronic access points can be tricky to install, seeing as how many require integrations with NFC-enabled phones, cards, or other devices.

That’s one of the reasons why going with What Does a Locksmith Do expertise when managing these sorts of upgrades can be helpful.

While not all locksmiths will be adept in setting you up with a key-less entry method, modern ones are progressively becoming fluent in these sorts of installs.

7. Safe Consultations and Set-Ups

what does a locksmith do

As you continue to build up your nest egg via cash, property ownership, and other values, you may want to consider purchasing a safe. The trick is that safe buying can be complicated given the bevy of options that exist on the market and how hard they can be to install What Does a Locksmith Do.

Locksmiths can help you on both fronts by providing a consultation on which safe to buy based on your needs and then helping you get it bolted or otherwise placed in your desired location.

While safe consults aren’t necessarily needed for small desk safes, you’ll want to get perspective and assistance if you’re planning on investing in larger, more expensive devices.

Your What Does a Locksmith Do Questions – Answered

By now, we hope you have a much better understanding of what does a locksmith does question and the various answers that can plug into it. Perhaps you’re so convinced of a locksmith’s value that you’d consider figuring out who your local smith is and saving their number in your phone.

That would certainly be a move that our team would advocate for. After all, you never know when you’ll need help gaining access, restricting it, or keeping your valuables safe.

To have more of your locksmith residential or even business questions answered What Does a Locksmith Do, our team hopes you’ll consider diving deeper into related content on our blog.

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