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World health day is celebrated on the 7th of April every year. World health day is celebrated internationally. However, the main reason for celebrating world health day is to spread awareness worldwide and pay tribute to all the health care workers. But still, world health day has a different theme every year. In 2020 the theme of world health day was to pay tribute to the nurses and midwives.

World health day also holds great importance in the history of health administration.

Importance of World Health Day

This day holds great importance because by celebrating this day, we can spread awareness to the countries and nations with less literacy rate and collect funds for the countries with a weak economy and the high rising rate of deadly diseases.

Celebrating this day also teaches us to take proper precautions to avoid any disease to catch us. Many information is also told about getting yourself rid of any disease and how to stop spreading the disease.

History of World Health Day

In December 1948 the first world health assembly was held by the world health organization. It was decided by the world health assembly for the day to be celebrated on the 7th of April every year. World health day is celebrated under the sponsorship of the world health organization every year. The world health organization. WHO organizes different activities on all international, regional, and local levels. 

Themes of World Health Day

World Health Day


The main reason for celebrating world health day is to warn people about the high rising rate of many deadly diseases nowadays.

Still, there is a different theme of world health day every year.

The theme of 2006:  The theme of 2006 was working together for health. This theme was chosen because there was a shortage of doctors in the year 2006, and chronic diseases were at their peak.

The theme of 2007: The theme of 2007 was International health security. This was elected as the theme of 2007 to provide more security to the health care workers.

The theme of 2008: The theme of 2008 was protecting health from the adverse effects of climate change.

The theme of 2009: The theme of 2009 was to save lives. Make hospitals safe for emergencies. This was the year when many accidents took place in hospitals during emergency situations.

The theme of 2010: The theme of 2010 was Urbanization and health

The theme of 2011: The theme of 2011 was antimicrobial resistance

The theme of 2012: The theme of 2012 was aging and health

The theme of 2013: The theme of 2013 was healthy blood pressure

The theme of 2014: The theme of 2014 was a small bite big threat

The theme of 2015: The theme of 2015 was food safety

The theme of 2016: The theme of 2016 was diabetes

The theme of 2017: The theme of 2017 was depression: let’s talk

The theme of 2018: The theme of 2018 was universal health coverage

The theme of 2019: The theme of 2019 was also universal health coverage

The theme of 2020: The theme of 2020 was supporting midwives


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