What is Tricare Online – All You Need to Know

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What is Tricare?

Tricare Online is also recognized as the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS). It is a department of the United States for the healthcare of Defense Military serving personnel. This program works to provide health services to United States military personnel. This includes military retirees and their families.

Managers of Tricare Online

The Tricare Online program was under the control of the Tricare Management Activity till 1 October 2013. Later the responsibilities of the Tricare program were taken by DHA, the defense health agency.

Services Provided by Tricare

The Tricare online provides many services to the military personnel of the United States army, such as:

  • General Health Care
  • Physical Health Care
  • Mental Health Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Dental Health Care

The Tricare online provides both outpatient and inpatient services.

Benefits of Tricare

The Tricare health program is very beneficial to that military personnel and retirees and their dependents who cannot afford expensive healthcare services. Tricare provides many expensive services related to health care to the army men at significantly less cost.

This also eases up a burden from a retiree who is not getting his monthly pay. The Tricare program also provides different insurances to the military personnel at a significantly lower cost.

Options Provided by Tricare

Tricare Select:

Tricare select is a benefit that can be availed by the retirees of the United States Army and their families. Candidates above 60 years can avail of this benefit.

There is no enrollment fee for this service. An individual would have to pay 150 USD per year to avail the Tricare Select, and a person with his family would have to pay 300 USD per year.

Tricare Extra:

Tricare extra is almost the same health care program as a Tricare standard. The difference is that you can get any doctor from a selected number of in-network providers at any time.

Tricare Prime:

This program is also available for active military personnel and retirees of any age. The active military personnel should get themselves enrolled in the Tricare program right away, but as for the retired personnel, Tricare select is a much better option.

Online Portal

Tricare Online

The Tricare online has its own patient portal in which you can log in to get all the information about all Tricare programs. You can also get the information that will help you enroll in any of the services of online Tricare. You also can get all the information about all the options that are provided by the Tricare service. 

The online portal also tells you the payment you have to make to join the Tricare online Program and at what age you will get eligible to apply for the services provided by Tricare Online.

History of Tricare

Tricare was established in the year 1965 to provide services related to healthcare to the army personnel and the veterans. The Tricare program was established to provide health care services to the army men who cannot afford expensive health care services. They offer many different schemes to the soldiers for health-related issues at significantly less cost.

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