What is Medical Coding? 4 Best medical coding points

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Medical coding or medical classification is an esoteric profession in the field of health care. It is a procedure in which equalize numeric and alphanumeric codes are allotted the duties for medical diagnoses, treatments, and medical procedures. The procedure and the diagnoses codes are attained from Medical Record Documentation (CMS)

The professional specialists help to make sure that the right codes are applied correctly during the process. The medical coder uses the particular notes that the doctor has transcribed, the patient’s medical record or lab tests to figure out which procedure needs to be coded.

Medical coding is mostly like a translation of something where the coders are given the doctor’s transcript there diagnoses and the result of other procedures they have done in the form of code. It makes up an essential part of any medical claim.

Why is Medical Coding Used?

 Have you ever wondered why do we do medical coding? It is because nowadays doctors have to cope up with the considerable amount of data of every single patient.

Medical coding is fundamental to secure the data of any patient, and to keep the correct and accurate record of any patient’s treatments, diagnoses, lab tests, and symptoms.

In easy words, the used to combine all the information and the data of a patient securely and accurately in the form of numerical and alphanumerics.

Types of Medical Codes

Medical Coding

There are many different types of codes that the medical coders use, some of the most commonly used codes are ICD and CPT codes. 

CPT codes:

Current Procedural Terminology codes abbreviated as CPT codes are used for the coding of everything from a visit to a hospital to a brain surgery


International Disease Codes abbreviated as IDC are used to figure out the problem of the patient or the patients’ diagnosis.

The medical coders will use the combination of both IDC and CPT codes to make a medical claim.

Importance of Medical Coding

 Medical coding holds great importance in the present time of healthcare administration and will be an essential field of healthcare in the future. The allows the doctors and the coders to analyze any treatment, procedure, or diagnosis statistically. Medical coding also makes it easier to figure out when a pandemic or an epidemic will strike.

Only the ICD-10 has about more than 14000 codes for diagnoses, so we will need more medical coders that will also decrease the unemployment rate in a country.

Future of Medical Coding

As we all know that nowadays there are many pandemics and epidemics that strike very frequently, so it would be imperative for us to predict all those unexpected diseases and take precautions.

Final Thoughts

The medical classification, which is also primarily known as medical coding is a very vast field in the health care administration. Although medical coding has always been a tough job, medical coding is a giant leap in the health care industry. It allows the doctors to predict the deadly viruses even before they hit us. It also helps the doctors to provide the correct treatment to the patients.



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