VA Disability Compensation

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An Introduction to VA Disability?

VA disability pay is compensation that is free of tax. The benefits are given to the veterans who got injuries or diseases during their service, or the condition got worse during active military services is referred to as VA disability compensation. The Department of Veterans Affairs provides this compensation. VA disability can be paid for post-service disabilities if the disability is related or secondary to the medical condition developed during active military service. It is also paid to the spouse or dependent children or dependent parents as an economic compensation of the veteran who died or got injured or disabled during military service.

Types of VA Disability:

  • VA Disability Compensation Payment:

This is free of tax monetary benefit that is paid to the veterans who got injured or disabled or their condition aggravated during active military service. The disability pay is determined by the disability severity scale ranging from 10 % to 100 %.

  • What is DIC or Dependency and Indemnity Compensation:

It is a monetary benefit that is free of any tax. It is given to the service members’ dependents, such as a surviving spouse or children. For the dependent parents of a service member who died in the line of duty or who died due to the injuries or disability during active service, there is another benefit called parents DIC. It is an income-based tax-free benefit.

  • What is SMC or Special Monthly Compensation:

The additional tax-free benefit paid to the veterans or their spouse or parents. As the name suggests, this benefit is provided in special circumstances. For example, if someone faces a loss of leg or hand or needs aid from another person.

  • Claims based on special circumstances:

Once the disability has been determined as connected to the military service, the veterans are eligible for many other unique benefits.  The special benefits include hospitalization, automobile allowance, dental problems, individual unemployment, clothing allowance, congenital disabilities, and convalescence.

Eligibility for VA disability benefits:

VA disability

All those veterans who got injured or disabled during the active military service, active duty for training, and inactive duty training are eligible for:

  • In-service disability claim:

    veterans who got wounded and disabled during military service claim in-service VA disability compensation.

  • Pre-service disability claim:

    already had illness or injury that got aggravated during military service.

Post-service disability claim:

having a disability that is caused during serving in military service, but it did not appear until the veteran ended their turn.

Conditions covered by VA disability benefits:

It covers the following conditions:

  • Physical conditions:

  • it includes physical disabilities such as loss of hearing, vision, asthma, chronic back pain, cancer caused by contact with toxic materials and chemicals.

 Mental Conditions:

it includes mental disabilities like anxiety and depression, and traumatic brain injury (TBI), or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), etc.

Disability Rating System:

For calculating disability compensation, the department has established a system for rating the severity. It ranges from 0 percent to 100 percent. The rating moves in 10% increment for each scale. This increment is calculated according to the service treatment records, private medical records, as well as VA medical records. Those veterans who have multiple disabilities calculate their compensation by using a combined rating table.  

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