Anxiety or Stress? Your Guide on How to Tell the Difference

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Stress or anxiety is very common in today’s fast-paced world. 31% of American adults suffer from anxiety in their lifetime. Almost half of Americans say they feel Anxiety or Stress “a lot of pressure” in their daily lives.
Although both conditions are “normal”, they can be tolerated a lot. Read on to learn more about the key differences and how to know if you are anxious or stressed. Knowing which factor affects you more will make it easier to find a way of life that reduces stress and anxiety.

Anxiety or stress? Key difference

The main difference between anxiety and stress you need to understand is how to trigger anxiety.
External triggers can cause stress. It is usually short-term and is a response to the threat you face Anxiety or Stress. You may feel pressure due to your responsibilities or work pressure.
Anxiety is more of an internal process. This is how you deal with stress in life. It can last for many years and may not have any identifiable triggers.
People with anxiety disorders may find it difficult to work within a few days. You will feel this feeling when you are stressed, but after the source of stress disappears, you can almost always return to a “normal” state.


Anxiety or Stress

There is some overlap between stress and anxiety symptoms. Both can cause indigestion, rapid heartbeat, headaches, and interrupted sleep.
Symptoms of anxiety usually worsen. The way anxiety manifests in the body may depend on your type.
People with general anxiety disorders may find themselves excessively anxious and difficult to control. Panic disorder may make you sweat and gasp. People with a social anxiety disorder may blush and tremble in public.
People with anxiety disorders often fear events that have not yet occurred. They may feel fear and worry, even if there seems to be no reason for them to feel that way.

Treatment Options

The good news is that there are many treatment options for stress and anxiety.
Talk therapy is a very effective treatment. Ask your therapist to perform an anxiety or stress test to determine the illness you are dealing with.
If you live in the Bay Area, you might consider visiting the San Francisco Stress and Anxiety Center. The therapist will provide online and face-to-face consultations to help you soothe your busy mind.
Many people have achieved success in in-home care such as meditation, yoga, and visualization.
Exercise is another excellent treatment to try. Regular physical exercise will release endorphins, thereby enhancing your happiness.

Knowing the Difference Can Make a Difference

You should always talk to your doctor about any concerns about your mental health and Anxiety or Stress. But understanding the difference between stress and anxiety is a good starting point. Now you will be able to distinguish between these two conditions and know where to start treatment.
Life becomes more difficult when you feel signs of anxiety or stress. This is why it is so important to practice self-care and seek help when needed. Keep reading our blog to find more ways to manage anxiety and stress symptoms.



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