Why Do I Need Health Insurance? 7 Important Reasons

people wearing diy masks 3951623 scaledDid you know that the number of American adults without insurance in 2018 was 27.9 million? Compared with 2017, the number of people without insurance has increased by approximately 500,000.

Many uninsured people are from low-income families, and often people of color. Many of them simply cannot afford to purchase insurance. The jobs that low-income individuals tend to do usually do not provide insurance to their workers.

Despite these difficulties, it is still important to purchase insurance. If you want to know, why do you need medical insurance? We can provide you with a list of important reasons.

Keep reading to find out!

1. You will not be hit by unexpected medical expenses

Anyone can have a medical emergency, you can be fine for one day, and you can find yourself in the emergency room the next day. Even if your life and health are at their best, it is still important to consider purchasing health insurance to protect you in an emergency.

Seeing a doctor in the United States is very expensive. You may not think that paying the annual out-of-pocket expenses will cost so much, but it may not necessarily cost so much, but if you experience any type of accidental injury or accident, the cost is expected to increase significantly.

With insurance, you can rest assured that if something unexpected happens, you will be financially protected. Although paying medical insurance every month seems like a big investment, it is definitely worth the resources. This may mean having to spend thousands of dollars to see an emergency room or knowing that you will get insurance.

2. It is important for those who already have a disease

Do we need health insurance? We can all, but if you have a previous medical condition, getting some type of coverage is especially important.

For many families, it is very difficult to obtain health insurance for pre-existing diseases. The expenses for these people are high, and insurance companies usually do not pay for any necessary medical procedures and treatment costs.

With the introduction of new regulations and regular debates, it is possible to find insurance with pre-existing conditions. If you encounter various medical problems, it is important to have health insurance. Regular and multiple visits may increase the financial burden, so finding a plan that can help you reduce the burden is crucial.

3. Short-term plans are temporary relief during periods of no insurance

If the standard insurance plan is not your best option, then considering short-term health insurance may be the next best option. Short-term plans are ideal when your coverage is insufficient throughout the year.

If you sign a new plan through the Affordable Care Act plan, the coverage of the new plan may take several months to start. Or, if you are currently between jobs or looking for a new job, there may also be a gap in coverage.

These are the best times to seek short-term plans. Short-term insurance will temporarily protect and insure you while you are waiting to obtain insurance through other means.

4. You will get some medical services for free

Why buy health insurance? Well, one of the reasons you should consider is that with an insurance plan, you can get basic preventive healthcare needs for free.

With health insurance, such as annual check-ups, women’s Pap smears, annual flu shots, and blood pressure screenings are all free. If you have already started the annual inspection and paid for it because you do not want to pay for the insurance, then this is the reason for getting health insurance. The monthly insurance premium will save you from having to pay a visit fee every year.

5. Health insurance will reduce the chance of bankruptcy

The high cost of obtaining medical treatment has already been discussed above. Many people experience financial difficulties due to medical expenses and sudden medical accidents. Not surprisingly, increasing medical expenses have caused many families to fall into financial collapse and have to file for bankruptcy.

Having insurance does not mean that you do not have to pay any medical expenses, but it will greatly reduce the amount you pay at your own expense. After reaching the deductible and paying any co-payments, your insurance will start paying for your medical expenses.

The reduced financial burden will reduce your chances of financial instability and make you less likely to go bankrupt.

6. Affordable short-term plans

There are many reasons for obtaining health insurance, but the cost is usually an obstacle for many people. This is where short-term health insurance comes to save the day.

For those who need affordable insurance, a short-term plan is a good choice. Short-term insurance cannot cover every medical care you need, it can also

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