Healthy Clean Eating for Kids: How to Keep Your Children healthy

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Most American children do not eat enough healthy food. In fact, many children do not eat any vegetables for a few days.

However, what should you do if your child does not like healthy food? What happens if your child still likes sugary foods instead of fruits and vegetables?

There are some simple tips that can help change your child’s eating habits (and also help them enjoy healthy choices!).

We have compiled this guide to show you how to encourage children in the family to eat and drink cleanly. It is not as difficult as you think.

So let’s start below!

Fill your home with healthy food

If your house is full of sugary, unhealthy foods, it will be difficult to encourage children to eat healthily. Therefore, the first step in providing children with a clean diet is to fill the kitchen with healthy choices.

Here are some good options:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Cereals (such as whole wheat bread, quinoa, brown rice, etc.)
  • Dairy products (such as milk and cheese)
  • meat
  • Other proteins (eg beans, nuts, eggs, etc.)

You should also stop buying junk food, especially foods that contain a lot of trans fats and refined sugar. Otherwise, your child may continue to choose unhealthy food instead of healthy food.

…But relax

If your child is used to eating sweets and unhealthy foods, you may not want to take them together. This may frustrate your child and make them choose more healthy foods.

Therefore, slowly introduce new food.

Every week brings some new health options. As your child gradually gets used to eating these foods, you can also start circulating unhealthy foods out of the house. This will create a gentle transition and will also encourage your child to try and enjoy healthy food.

Start young

The sooner you introduce healthy foods into your child’s diet, the more likely they will like them.

When the child is old enough to start eating, it is best to introduce healthy foods Eating (such as fruits and vegetables) into the child. Because they like these foods when they are young, they will continue to consume them as they age.

But this does not mean that your child will love healthy food just because they are not young yet. However, if you can, eating these foods for your children as a child will develop healthy eating habits early.

Lead by example

If you refuse to eat vegetables yourself, your child may not want to eat vegetables. You have a great influence on your child’s life, so make sure you eat all the food for your child.

If your child sees you eating healthy food, they will be more willing to try it for themselves.

You should also try to minimize your reaction. Don’t make a big deal to your child eating vegetables, and don’t make disgusting faces or sounds when you (or them) take a bite. Your child will pay attention to your reaction. If your reaction is negative, they may decide not to like the food before trying it.

If they don’t like something, don’t give up

Just because your child doesn’t like certain types of vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. doesn’t mean you should stop serving them. Instead, try to prepare in another way.

For example, if your child does not like raw broccoli, try steaming it. Sometimes, the texture is not what the child likes, not the taste.

Your child may need to try a few more times to taste certain foods. Therefore, although your child may not like a chicken during the first three passes, they may begin to like it by the fourth or fifth pass. Introduce and reintroduce food to your child multiple times.

If your child still doesn’t like food after getting the chance, you can look for other healthy alternatives.

Let them choose what to eat


Allowing children to have some control over their diet will make them more excited about healthy food and more willing to try it. Therefore, it is best to provide your children with different eating options and let them choose the food they want to eat.

You can ask them to do this before meals, or let them choose snacks for school.


If all other methods fail, then sneak in

Does your family have picky eaters?

If your children refuse to eat the healthy food you provide, please be creative in their meals. Find recipes that secretly eat vegetables into children’s favorite foods, such as macaroni and cheese. Your child will not taste the difference, nor do they need to know that they are eating vegetables.

This will ensure that they get the nutrition they need, but you should continue to encourage them to try foods.

Provide children with a clean diet without having to work hard

A clean diet is essential to a child’s overall nutrition. Even if your child does not like fruits and vegetables, introducing healthy choices does not have to be difficult. If you follow the tips in this guide, you will immediately let the children eat food (and enjoy it!).

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