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Blame It on the Juice: 5 Signs That You’re a High Functioning Alcoholic

Have you ever hoped to rewrite your DNA?

If you are a drunkard, then you may have gotten it. However, as old proverbs spread, please choose carefully.

Alcoholism can rewrite your DNA, but not very well. It changes your way of thinking, physical function, and coping style. However, if you are not willing to drink alcohol, you can change these genetic changes.

Are you unsure whether your drinking is out of control? Continue reading to understand the five signs that may mean that you are a high-functioning alcoholic

1. Power outages often occur

Too much alcohol will result in decreased judgment. It can also cause significant memory loss.

Most of us will experience a power outage caused by alcohol at least once in our lives. However, such power outages should not happen frequently.

Don’t blame your memory problems for age problems. If you drink often, it may be the culprit of memory loss. This may also indicate that you are an alcoholic.

2. You drink alone (many)

There is nothing wrong with having a drink or two at home alone. However, if you find yourself drinking often, it may be a sign of trouble.

Drinking alone, drinking in the morning, or before leaving the house is not “social” drinking. This usually means that your body becomes more and more dependent on alcohol.

3. You have lost your drunk friend

Over the years, friends and other important people have come and gone. It’s natural when we are apart or close. However, if you lose friends due to alcoholism, it is worth paying attention to.

4. You drink to avoid withdrawals

Pay attention when not drinking next time. Are you beginning to experience symptoms of increased craving? Pay close attention, beware, and be careful:

  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • Irritability and depression
  • fatigue
  • Body vibrations and tremors
  • Spiritual Mist
  • Dilated pupils
  • Sweating
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fast heart rhythm
  • headache
  • Insomnia and nightmares

If you notice these signs, you may not be drinking to cause buzzing. You may want to drink a drink to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Drinking to avoid withdrawal is a sign of dependence. Stopping the use of turkey may put you at risk. Instead, please discuss medical detoxification options with your doctor.

5. You know you have a problem

Do you want to know yourself-am I an alcoholic? Do you often want to quit smoking but still find yourself drinking alcohol every day?

If you know that you have a problem drinking, but do not stop drinking, then you may be an alcoholic.

Are you an alcoholic? Break the loop immediately

Alcoholism does not always mean you are struggling with work or relationships. Highly functional alcoholics often appear decisive, successful, and integrated. Sometimes, the only thing you hurt is yourself.

Don’t mistakenly believe that alcohol is necessary for your survival. Medication can help you detoxify and make your life better.

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