7 Key Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycle crash fatalities are trending down, but motorcyclists are still likely to die in motorcycle crashes Steps than passenger cars. Let’s face it—accidents happen.

Car drivers have a harder time determining the speed of motorcycles, and this is one of the leading causes of accidents. You may just be riding along when a driver misjudges your speed and turns left in front of you, causing a wreck.

It’s important to be prepared and know what you should do after a motorcycle accident. Check out these steps so you know what to do in an accident.

1. Safety First

Before you do anything, you need to get to safety if possible. You want to make sure everyone involved is safe and out of danger. This means getting off the road and moving your bike if possible.

If any vehicle is leaking fluid, move away immediately.

2. Check for Injuries

Take a look around and see if you or anyone else is hurt. Do not move someone that is hurt. You should see a doctor to check for any injuries even if you don’t think you are hurt.

3. Call 9-1-1

The next thing you need to do is call 9-1-1 or have someone call 9-1-1 for emergency personnel. You should not wait to call help even if injuries do not appear severe. 

Some injuries take time to appear due to the high levels of adrenaline. 

The police can direct traffic away from the accident Steps scene and keep everyone safe. They will also fill out a report and note of any dangerous situations like a drunk driver. 

You should fill out a report no matter how severe the accident Steps. You want it on record.

4. Remain Calm

This is easier said than done. Do not argue with the other parties or admit any kind of fault. You don’t want to make the situation any worse. 

It’s okay to converse and ask if everyone is ok, but remember, the other party is probably pretty upset as well. Try to be calm even if the accident is not your fault and you are angry. 

5. Take Pictures

Now, you need to document the accident Steps as much as you can. Take pictures at the scene of everything you can. This includes intersections, signs, the accident, damage to your bike, and damage to the other vehicle. 

6. Collect Information

Make sure you get the other party’s information including driver’s license number, insurance information, license plate, and contact information. The police report will have most of this information, but it’s a good idea to collect it for your records too. 

If there are any witnesses, make sure you get their contact information as well if needed. 

7. Contact the Insurance Company and an Attorney


You will need to contact your insurance company immediately. You should file this claim as soon as possible even if the accident is not your fault. Your insurance company will work on your behalf with the other party’s insurance company for medical and vehicle damage payments.

You should also keep all your bills together from the accident to make sure you are compensated. 

You may want to contact an injury attorney if you sustained injuries or are unhappy with the insurance settlement.

Recovering from a Motorcycle Accident

Being in a motorcycle accident is scary, and hopefully, you will never be in an accident. Follow these steps to ensure your safety.

Keep checking out local news in the area, and see if there are any special events to take out your bike. 

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